Chaddesden Historical Group
Meetings since 2006

Meetings for 2024

 4 Jul		Inspiring Slavic Sisters						Cathy McAteer
 6 Jun		September 1947							Robert Mee
 2 May		Fascination of Churches						Danny Wells
 4 Apr		Curiosities of Nottinghamshire				Chris Weir
 6 Mar		Mary Celeste								Bob Massey
 1 Feb		Derbyshire County Cricket Club				David Griffin
11 Jan		Knitters, Nailers and Traitors					David Skillen

Meetings for 2023

14 Dec		Christmas Festivities						Shirley Horton
2 Nov		My Kind of Paris							Stephen Flinders
5 Oct		History of West Hallam						Robert Mee 
7 Sep		Chaddesden Hall							Peter Cholerton
 3 Aug		Calke from Medieval Priory to Elizabethan Mansion	Colin Stewart
 6 Jul		Views from the Train Window					Trevor Griffin
 1 Jun		Arming a Knight							Jed Jaggard
 4 May		Conscientious Objector						Ian Green
 6 Apr		Darley Abbey and the Evans Family			Alan Bradwell
 2 Mar		Robins (Postal Service)						Bob Massey
 2 Feb		Derbyshire Born and Bred					Shirley Horton
12 Jan		First Bite, 1924 Stage Play Premiere of Bram Stokes' Dracula,
			Grand Theatre, Babington Lane				Ann Featherstone

Meetings for 2022

8 Dec		Christmas Party							Lily Taylor-Wood, entertainer
3 Nov		Village Lock Ups							Robert Mee
6 Oct		Commonwealth War Graves					Jean Moss
1 Sep		The History beneath Our Feet
			(Ilkeston vicarage)							Stephen Flinders
4 Aug		Introduction to Calke Abbey					Colin Stewart
7 Jul		Sir Arthur Heywood of Duffield Bank
			Pioneer of Miniature Railways					Trevor Griffin
9 Jun		Antarctic Exploration						Jed Jaggard
5 May		Tolpuddle Martyrs							Hugh Sharp
7 Apr		AGM followed by
			  Nottingham in the Time of Jane Austen			Chris Weir
3 Mar		Freak Shows and Fisticuffs, Victorian Fayre 		Ann Featherstone 
3 Feb		Street Names and Chimney Pots				Shirley Horton
6 Jan		Eleanor of Castille 							Julie Kinnear

Meetings for 2021

9 Dec		Christmas Party - Wakey Wakey (Billy Cotton)	Bob Massey 
4 Nov		Joseph Paxton							Danny Wells
7 Oct		Nottingham Castle							Robert Mee
2 Sep		Crich Tramway Museum						Frank Bagshaw
5 Aug		Grand Tour of Bullbridge						Geoff Sims

Meetings for 2020

Remaining meetings cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic.
5 Mar		The Real Dad’s Army						Jed Jaggard
6 Feb		Monastic Granges of Derbyshire				Sue Woore
9 Jan		Story of an East Coast Town (Skegness)		Shirley Horton

Meetings for 2019

10 Jan		John Glover’s Sketchbook					Stephen Flinders
7 Feb		Old Roads, Turnpikes and "The Tantivy" 		Trevor Griffin
7 Mar		Servants to Staff at Chatsworth,				Fiona Clapperton
		 	18th & 19th Century
4 Apr		AGM then Painting with Light (William Morris)	Richard Stone
2 May		Fossdyke and a Watery Tale					Ian Morgan
6 Jun		The Long Weekend 1919-1939				Michael Parkin
4 Jul		St. Pancras Station							Mike Higginbottom
1 Aug		Palace of Westminster						Mike Ogden
5 Sep		Nottingham Caves							Peter Hammond
3 Oct		Catherine Booth,
		 	Mother of the Salvation Army					Danny Wells
7 Nov		Inn Signs and Local History					Robert Mee 
12 Dec		Christmas Party, Russian Christmas			Cathy McAteer

Meetings for 2018

4 Jan		Wonderful Things							Jane Middleton Smith
1 Feb		Derby beneath your Feet					Derek Palmer
8 Mar		Canary Girls of Chilwell						Maureen Rushton
5 Apr		AGM then Votes for Women					Rowena Edlin White
3 May		Terror from the Skies						Stephen Flinders
7 Jun		Lace Slums and Occasional Riots				Chris Weir
5 Jul		Moscow to Moscow						Cathy McAteer
2 Aug		Claypole Workhouse						Peter Hammond
6 Sep		South Derbyshire Parks and Gardens			Philip Heath
4 Oct		Pentrich Revolution						Michael Parkin
1 Nov		The Story of the Two Crosses				Tim Coltman
13 Dec		Christmas Party - Ealing Comedies

Meetings for 2017

5 Jan 		Ripley Rattlers	 						Brian Key
2 Feb 		
2 Mar		T G Green Pottery (Cornishware) 				Dr Ian Hambling
6 Apr 		AGM followed by Stanton at War				Stephen Flinders
4 May 		Jesse Boot (Boots the Chemist)				Chris Weir
1 Jun		Butterley Gangroad, Crich					Trevor Griffin
6 Jul 		Grace’s Diary								Rowena Edlin-White
			(Journal of Grace Jane Dexter, 1884-93)
3 Aug		Lady Willoughby							Mrs Daryle Greaves
7 Sep		Philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie				Simon Corke
5 Oct		Robert Bakewell							Richard Stone
2 Nov		Heanor Grammar School					Robert Mee
4 Dec		Music Hall on Film							Bob Massey

Meetings for 2016

7 Jan 		Derbyshire Castles							Robert Mee
4 Feb 		Meet the Pagets							Richard Stone
3 Mar		History of Tea, plus tea tasting				Roger Pogson
14 Apr		AGM,followed by Cinemas					Derek Palmer
5 May 		When the Band Played on					Chris Weir
2 Jun 		10th Anniversary, Songs						Madeley Trio
7 Jul 		Grace Dieu Priory							Ernest Miller
4 Aug 		The Hidden Story Behind 1066				Mike Kelly
1 Sep 		Owd Ilson, Part 2							Stephen Flinders
6 Oct		Down the Garden Path						David Bell
3 Nov		Footpads, Kings & Highwaymen				Ian Morgan
15 Dec 		Magic Show, History of Mystery				Clive & Jean

Meetings for 2015

8 Jan		Trent Motor Traction in the last 100 years		Alan Hiley
5 Feb 		Richard III, Body in the Car Park				Richard Stone
		  		and Princes in the Tower
5 Mar 		‘Say Cheese Please’						Ian Rogerson
2 Apr 		AGM followed by Derwent Hospital			Rita Bailey,
7 May 		Specialist Farrier							Doug Bradbury
4 Jun 		The Great Fire of London					Paul Newsham
2 Jul 		Bradshaws Guide, an early railway tour			Robert Mee
6 Aug 		Codnor Castle								Maureen Taylor
3 Sep		Port Sunlight, a soap opera					Rod Pearson
1 Oct 		Robert Bruce Napoleon Walker				Stephen Flinders
5 Nov 		Master Thatcher							David Wood
10 Dec		Members' Christmas Party					Derby a Capella Chorus

Meetings for 2014

9 Jan		Owd Ilson								Stephen Flinders
6 Feb 		The Great War and Shattered Illusions
6 Mar 		God's Acre, the story of Chaddesden Churchyard	Peter Cholerton
3 Apr 		AGM followed by Chaddesden prior to the Great War
1 May		Wipers Times								Cliff Housely
5 Jun 		Derby Pioneering School					Nick Clark
3 Jul 		Alice in the Bacon Box						John Easter
7 Aug 		How to sell your wife						Richard Stone
11 Sep		Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood		Sue Fraser
2 Oct 		Gingerbread and Ghitties					Keith Blood
6 Nov 		The Victorians and the Christmas Season		Danny Wells
11 Dec  		Christmas Party							Ripley Morris Men

Meetings for 2013

3 Jan 		The History beneath Our Feet				Stephen Flinders
7 Feb 		The Tiger Moth							Dr Mark Edworthy
7 Mar 		John Whitehurst							Jonathon Wallace
4 Apr 		AGM followed by Know your Chaddesden		Jean Moss
2 May 		Lady Arbella, the Queen that never was		David Templeman
6 Jun 		The Sleeping Beauty						Mike Kelly
4 Jul 		Life in Georgian Times						Bruce Townsend
1 Aug 		Kill or Cure								Joan Ward
5 Sep 		Vic Hallam, one man and his company			Robert Mee
3 Oct 		The Coal Mines of Buxton					Alan Roberts
7 Nov 		The River Trent as a Routeway				Richard Stone
12 Dec		Christmas Party
			Golden Days of the Music Hall				Trevor Lee

Meetings for 2012

5 Jan 		Co-op Shops								Derek Palmer
2 Feb 		History at the Crossroads					Richard Felix
1 Mar 		Croxton Abbey - Stydd Hall					Keith Blood
5 Apr 		AGM followed by Archives					Andrew Bailey
3 May 		Joseph Wright-Painter of Light				David Parry
7 Jun 		Derbyshire Sayings						Ian Hingley
5 Jul 		History of Cartoons							Ken & Marie Garner
2 Aug 		Bonnie Prince Charlie						Richard Felix - failed to attend
6 Sep 		Engineering of Butterley Company				Brian Key
4 Oct 		Band of Brothers							Clive Tougher
1 Nov		Kedleston Hall							Pam Helm & Shirley Smith
13 Dec		Christmas Party

Meetings for 2011

6 Jan 		Derbyshire Houses and Gardens				Norma Consterdine
3 Feb 		The History of Celanese						Sid & Barbara Marson
3 Mar		Epitaphs, Cathedrals and Churches			Bertel Hutchinson
7 Apr 		AGM
			followed by films from the Archives			The Archives Team
5 May 		Florence Nightingale						Clive Tougher
2 Jun 		Derby's Buildings							Ken & Marie Garner
7 Jul 		A Life Less Ordinary						Myra Challand
4 Aug 		Life in the Big House						Ian Hingley
1 Sep 		Langley Mill Pottery						Mr & Mrs Giblin
6 Oct		Magistrates Court							Glynn Plant
3 Nov 		Chaddesden								Peter Cholerton
1 Dec		Christmas Party							The Archives Team 

Meetings for 2010

7 Jan		meeting cancelled due to icy conditions
4 Feb		Nottingham to the Peak District				Barrie Lings
4 Mar		Grandfather's Toolbox						Bob Neill
1 Apr		AGM followed by The Magic Attic				Graham Nutt
6 May		Melbourne Hall							Jill Weston
3 Jun		The Life of Lord Nelson						Margaret Hargreaves
1 Jul		Walk-about of Allestree (DVD)			
		Cooperage – the making of Beer Barrels (DVD)		Mrs North
5 Aug		Quiz on Derby								Tony Bowler
2 Sep		Nursing in WW1							Clive Tougher
7 Oct		The Osnabruck Envoy						Katharina Thieken
4 Nov		St Alkmund's Church						Deryck Morley
2 Dec		postponed to 16 Dec due to icy conditions
16 Dec		Web-site									Paul Godney
		followed by Christmas party

Meetings for 2009

8 Jan		Faces and Places (quiz)						Tony Bowler
5 Feb		meeting cancelled due to heavy snow
5 Mar		History of Chocolate Making					David Stone
2 Apr		AGM followed by Bemrose the printers			Deryck Morley
7 May		Photography by Richard Keene				Don Farnsworth
4 Jun		Queen Victoria							Margaret Hargreaves
2 Jul		Advertising								Maureen Newton
6 Aug		Open Day
3 Sep		Derby's Cinemas							Derek Palmer
1 Oct		Life in a Victorian Schoolroom				Keith Blood
5 Nov		The Christmas Card						Gill Barrow
3 Dec		Bird Ringing in Britain						Ivan Webb
													British Ornithologist Trust

Meetings for 2008

No information on meetings for the first half of 2008.
3 Jul	Derby's Shops								Derek Palmer
7 Aug	My Cousin Dame Laura Knight					Margaret Hargreaves
4 Sep	Apprentice training on the Railway at Derby			Philip Churchman
			Chaddesden Library						Mary Adelman
2 Oct	Derby Local Studies Library						Jane James
6 Nov	50 years of Photography in Derby					Don Farnsworth
4 Dec	Radio Derby									Gary Andrews
			Christmas party

Meetings for 2007

4 Jan		Derbyshire Dialects						Ted Hancock
1 Feb		Demolition Derby							Derek Palmer
1 Mar		Tudor Derby and the Great Plague			Joan D'Arcy
5 Apr		Do you know your Derby?					Tony Bowler
3 May		From Pillar to Post							Don Farnsworth
7 Jun		Derby Beneath Your Feet					Derek Palmer
5 Jul			Putting the House to Bed (Kedleston Hall)	Laura Taylor
2 Aug		The Work of the Air Ambulance				Barbara Quinn
6 Sep		Canals through to Sandiacre					Judy Fleck
4 Oct		My Youth in Chaddesden					Ted Hancock
1 Nov		Derwent Valley Mills, Cotton Story				Roy Hartle
6 Dec		Fire Safety in the Home						Sue Noakes

Meetings for 2006

6 Apr 		Meeting at Chaddesden Library to form a local history group
1 Jun		Old Chaddesden							Tony Bowler
6 Jul		His Experiences of growing up in Derby			Derek Palmer
3 Aug		Wartime Schooling in Chaddesden			Barbara Fibiger
7 Sep		Old Derby								Tony Bowler
5 Oct		Dialects (Chaddesden and others)				Ted Hancock
2 Nov		Above the Shop							Barbara Fibiger
7 Dec		Stone House Prebend						Joan D'Arcy