Houses on Chaddesden Lane

From right to left, numbers 10 - 28 Chaddesden Lane shortly after they were built in 1927. The trees are still there, but much larger. Conversely, the remains of the boundary wall around the park appear much lower since a raised tarmac footway was laid. In 1927 Chaddesden Lane still had a water-bound macadam (rolled gravel) surface that required regular attention by the county council's steam roller to keep it in good condition. Only Nottingham Road had the luxury of a tarmac surface at that date. Thanks to Audrey Bennett who donated this photo to the Chaddesden Historical Group.

Below is another view taken at the same location a few years later but this time looking at the houses on the other side of the road. Kerbstones and a raised footway have been laid, also a street light installed, but the road surface is still rolled gravel. The park boundary wall is higher on the other side of the road as it acts as a retaining wall for the higher ground on that side. Many of the boundary walls have gained a feature that was fashionable in the 1930s - a privet hedge!   Thanks to Margaret Poyser who donated this photo to the Chaddesden Historical Group.

The next photo shows houses on Chaddesden Lane around 1935.   Point to the photo to view the scene in 2010.   Both from the Chaddesden Historical Group collection.