Highfield House

This house, built by William Horsley of Derby in 1856, possibly on the site of an earlier property, was previously known as Highland House. Its elevated position would have given a good view over the Derwent valley before it was hemmed in by more recent buildings. When William Horsley died in 1873, the property was inherited by his wife. Following his wife’s death, the property was inherited by their son, Charles Horsley. Charles let the house to many people over the following years.

One of them was James Ashworth, mining engineer whose family lived there from March 1891 until 1905. James was the inventor of the Ashworth Safety Lamp which was patented in January 1891. His name is commemorated by the name of a nearby street - Ashworth Avenue.

Highfield House viewed over the allotments. The white house on the left is Highfield Lodge.