Cherry Tree Hill School Photographs

Thanks to the contributors to this page who are acknowledged by initials after each caption as follows:
[EK] Elizabeth Kay, pupil 1951-57
[JC] Judith Cohen. pupil 1955-61
[JB] John Bennett, pupil 1959-63
[MM] Michael Mosley, pupil

Part of the initial intake in 1940.
Keith Brereton is on the front row behind the board.

Cherry Tree Hill Infants opened as a separate school in 1952. This is Mrs Leeson's class in 1952 or 1953.
Back row from left: C Frances, M Spooner, ---, C Hewer, ---, Raymond Spencer, Paul Orme, Aherne?, ---
Second row: Christine Speller, H Norman, M Derbyshire, J Oakly, S McClymond, K Simozly, J Wilson, ---, ---, P Baker, ---
Third row: J Ellis, R Burkin, L Hayes, E Kay, S Clark, ---, M Kay, J Somerville, L Holloway, Geraldine Weakley, Patricia ...
Front row: M Flour, ---, R Bilson, M Riley, I Pearce, K Kitchen, D Campbell, P Cripwell. [one name missing] [EK]

Class and year unknown. Probably 1950s.
Digitally enhanced by Mike Smith (removal of a vertical crease in the middle).
[donor unknown]

"In 1955/56 I was in Mr Southern's class. A lovely teacher who had a map on the wall where we followed the Suez crisis. He had served in India in WWII (known to us as the war) 'It was hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement' he used to tell us." [EK]

Mr Southern's class, probably 1956, headmaster F.P. Heath on the left.
Top row from left: J Igo, G Griffiths, ---, G Cummings, C Warrington, M Barron, J Merram, G Mather, C Pollard, J Ahern.
Second row: V Rumbold, R Spencer, A Pounton, P Wilks, S Mitchell, C Crossley, J Noden, ---, Angela Marsh, D Tomlinson, P Carey
Third row: K Kitchen, P Hardwick, ---, ---, P Wilson remainder unidentified

Miss Davies' class 1960.
John Bennett is third from the right on the middle row, wearing a school blazer, red with green edging.

Mrs Balshaw's class 1962
John Bennett is on the back row.

Mr Smith's class 1963
John Bennett is on the back row.

Mr Barker's class
Back row: Rich Mortimer 3rd left, Michael Mosley 4th left, Eric Hales 6th left, Bob Shardlow 3rd right, Dave Selby end right, Tim Calladine end right front row.

Back row: John Pye 2nd left, Bob Shardlow 3rd left, Jeff Hawksworth the tallest one, Michael Mosley 3rd right.
Middle row: Tim Calladine next to the Headmaster, Sheila Martin 6th left.
Front row: Val Brough 5th left, Gill Day 5th right.

The programme for a play "The Adventures of the Witch and her Cat" that was performed at the school around 1960.
There is a clue as to the year in "All proceeds will be sent to the Kenya Distress Fund,"